Legion Athletics has grown to become one of the premier brands in the athletic supplement market. But their ability to grow was limited by their previous brand identity, which was dark, masculine, and squarely aimed at weightlifters. In 2019, Legion engaged Traina and through our comprehensive branding process their brand identity was reborn with a new positioning strategy, a brighter personality, and a modern look that appeals to both men and women, weightlifters and soccer moms. 

The new look features custom CGI artwork done by Nei Ramos, who brought the vision of “making all the flavors look delicious” to life. The concept was that each product would have their unique flavor “exploding” out of the encasing “L” shape from the Legion logo. Nei designed over 30 unique flavor graphics, including Strawberry Kiwi, Birthday Cake, Greens and Cookies and Cream. 
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